1,Access to this site is prohibited to anyone under the age of 18
2,To access the Company's betting services, the Customer must always first register on the Website to open an account as a Registered Customer.
3,The Company reserves the sole right to amend, update and modify the terms and conditions, rules and regulations, and privacy policy as it sees fit from time to time and at anytime without prior notice to the Customer.
4,The Customer will not allow or authorize any other person or third party (including, without limitation, any minor) to use the Company's services, the Customer's account or accept any winnings on their behalf.
5,Customers may only deposit money with the Company through the pre-approved payment methods available in the Website, the Customer must only deposit and receive money through the same Payment Solution Companies authorized by the Company ("Authorized Payment Solutions") used to deposit funds, unless depositing money directly with the Company. Authorized Payment Solutions cannot represent themselves as authorized to receive funds on behalf of the Company without a previous written statement to that effect from the Company; and furthermore Authorized Payment Solutions cannot in any way market, advertise, publicize, or promote the Company or the Company's Services without the previous written consent of the Company.
6,The Customer agrees upon requested by the Company to provide the Company with any documentation to verify the Personal Information provided to the Company. The Customer authorizes the Company to use any lawful means that it considers necessary to verify the Personal Information provided by the Customer as set out in the online enrolment form (¡°Personal Information¡°). Such Personal Information includes all required information from the Customer, as determined by the Company in its sole and absolute discretion from time to time and at anytime, so as to allow the Company to properly identify the Customer. When the aforementioned online enrolment form has been submitted to, and accepted by the Company, the Customer will be deemed a Registered Customer (¡°Registered Customer¡°). The Company reserves the right of accepting or rejecting the Customer for any reason whatsoever. Only Registered Customers may use the Company's services and bet only up to their bet limit or monetary amount available in their account.
7,The Company reserves the right to void any or all bets made by, and/or withhold payments payable to any person, group of persons or legal entities acting in group or as a syndicate to defraud the Company.
8,Promotion,bonus and Incentive.
>All promotion,bonus and incentive deals must comply with BETWORLD88 rules and regulations.
>If detected any user is abusing or profiteering from such abuse,BETWORLD88 reserves the right to take whatever approprite measure are deemed necessary.
At its sole discretion,in order to stop,refuse,suspend or revoke the user to participate any promotion from BETWORLD88.
>If found that any user or team of user fraud or attempt to fraud in betting system,BETWORLD88 reserves the right to determine wheather to retain or cancel some or all the wager right of such users.
The funds os the individual,family,organization and gambling bookmakers involved will be seized and confiscated immediately.
9,BETWORLD88 reserves the right to request any player to furnish the management with required information such as proof of the Personal Identification,front and back copy of Debit Card,passport,or others appropriate documentation.If fail to do so,BETWORLD88 reserves the right to deem void any winning in the player account.
10,Member are allow to withdraw 5 times per day.

WELCOME TO BETWORLD88 Trusted & Reliable Online Casino Malaysia

1,How do I open an account with BETWORLD88 ?
Step 1 Click on the REGISTER button and start fill up the information.
Step 2 Complete the REGISTER form by filling up the information below
>Account Name
>Contact number - Please provide a valid cantact number for better assistance and acoount safety
>Password - Your are responsible to keep your online password confidential.
>Referral - Enter a valid referral ID (if any)
>Currency Option - Select your desired currency that u wish to use for deposit/withdraw from drop down manu.

2,How do i deposit funds in my account ?
You may add funds to your account by using one of the following option :
a. ATM or cash deposit machine
b. Online transfer

3,How do i withdraw funds from my account ?
a. Provide your bank account on withdrawal menu (not Third party account)
b. Enter amount you wish to withdraw.Kindly ensure that all bank information provided are accurate.
c. Click SUBMIT to submit your withdrawal request.
d. Once the withdrawal request is verified,we will process the Bank Transfer to your bank account.

4,How long does it take for my withdrawal to reach me ?
The processing time for your withdrawal transaction may differ according to the payment method used.
Depending on the payment method used,the time taken for you to reveived payment may range 3-5 minutes.

5,Do i have to maintain a minimum balance in my account ?
No. Your can withdraw all your money but not exceeding daily transaction limit.

6,Forgot your username or password ?
,Please contact our customer support in Livechat

7,Is my personal information secure ?
BETWORLD88 will not disclosed your personal information to any third party.
Your personal details are cinfidential and we will ensure that there are sewcured all the time.
We reserve the right to disclose and transfer your personal date to our respective payment settlement service providers and financial institutions to the extent necessary for the completion of payment for services provided through our website.